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It might be -- or he could have a guardia civil carbine -- which is a bit harsher yet in recoil --
They are both built on M93 mauser chassis -- as is the swede --
The spanish 1916 and upgraded earlier spanish models have a gas relief hole added on the left receiver ring --
None of the pre 98 mauser designs handle gas from a ruptured case as well as the m98 ---
The Modified 1916, in the form of FR7, 1916 short rifles, and guardia civil carbines are chambered for the 7.62x51 nato, not the cetme, and are safe with that cartridge --
They were all rebored and the barrel set back and rechambered to the 7.62 nato which is NOT loaded as hot as the 308win.

Therefore it is not good form to make the poor 1916 try to digest a steady diet of 308win.

Note -- a batch of south american m93s were rebored, the chamber hogged out and a 7.62 chamber insert mashed in - a poor solution.
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