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Isn't 'buying the wife a gun' a thinly disguised fiction husbands/boyfriends use?

I think they do it to
  1. get the new gun they want,
  2. get her to the range to shoot with,
  3. get her to the range so she can say she doesn't like it,
  4. get the new gun they want and lots of range time without static or
  5. a sincere belief that they just know what's best.
Why do men do this?

Do they think they're being helpful? Do they later find that all they're doing is making their ladies mad and wasting money? With all the talk here about how to selected a new or first gun, the message is pretty clear: try before you buy.

Is your friend's husband unhappy that she talked it over with you instead of just taking his word for it? Your friend is on the right track to continue to test and select her own gun.

I have dear friends of many years too, and the relationships run very deep. I was shooting trap every Sunday with my friend Richard, and it was seven weeks before I found out his other shooting buddies thought I was his wife! "Nope, dodged that bullet" I said, and they cracked up.
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