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Default My gf, her mom and I have a conversation about men buying women guns...

Laura is a dear friend of mine from at least 10yrs back. She is just now getting in to gun ownership even though she has been around them all her life. Her mom tells her "try them on for size, don't let Brian(her husband) buy you what he wants to buy you" I echoed that sentiment giving her my bra analogy which she and her mom and our other gf's totally understood. Today she texts me "B bought me a gun. I told him I was going to the range this weekend to try out different guns and he went and bought me what HE thinks I should shoot. What would you do to Bill if he did that?"

My response? "Tell him I hope he enjoys HIS new gun and go on out and go try guns and buy what I want to buy" She texts back "I love you, it's too bad we're not lesbians" LMAO! I love this woman, she is so like me and my younger son sees this text and says "It's ok if you're a lesbian mom" LMAO Now I am not sure who I love more.
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