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Originally Posted by GMANtt View Post
Reserve? Jesus I couldn't imagine being deployed that many times if I were to join the Seabees what do you do in Afghanistan as Security Forces? I was looking into joining that instead of the Navy.

Oh and stay safe.
Nope, active duty. I hit my 8yr mark in July but my little brother is SF, I'm the person that loads all the aircraft with cargo, vehicles, people, ammo, food/water bundles. I may not be on the front line but without us those upfront wouldnt be able to fight the war. I'm very proud of what I do and to be in the USAF.

SF in afghanistan provides base/flight line security where I was but I think they do some convoys too. They have ravens that travel with aircraft for security purposes too. Not sure exactly but may there is an SF guy on here and can explain their duties there?!?

Thank you.
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