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Originally Posted by Chickshooter View Post
my brain is a vast junkyard and my memory is crazy long. i did a bunch of research when i first started down the lemoncello path so now i am "stuck" with it.

people accuse me of knowing so many things and there is really only one secret behind it. try stuff - any stuff and you will learn (lol or you should). the majority of what i know is based upon recouping from failure and moving on.

unless you were intent on reusing that bottle you just made your straining take one step less. honestly, i would hold off on going overboard on materials until you get the results from this batch (4 months from now) as there is no real way to rush the finished product - the tastes you are going to sneak in do not reflect what you will have after time which is why i suggest the several smaller portions at different ratios of syrup. in interest of $ i suggest getting your recipe locked in then going for the white dog.

i like to use swing top bottles for my finished product (but i have the white dog bottle too cause i like the look of it). i do prep my bottles the day before by filling them with boiling water which i allow to cool fully and then i let them live upside down overnight to dry. clean whatever bottle top you have as well, and if there is that little plastic-y insert i get rid of those to keep the lemoncello pure tasting.
I like my EC190 bottles. HOWEVER, I have made a discovery... After going to the La Bodega, They told me that Spiritus was best (out of what they had) and it is a 192 proof and I think that slightly beats my EC190 bottles. Well, either that or the Deisel was 192 or 193. I talked to them and they are going to order some White Dog now. Apparently the Spiritus is called a vodka sometimes in order to get past abc rules. But it IS a neutral grain alcohol. I am wondering if the white dog would make my apple pie moonshine taste better now... :\

I was not sure about how much zest to use so after reading a few things I decided that I can always mellow it out (which is why I dumped the rest of the zest in) later on, but maybe not make it as strong, so I just dumped it all in. I think it might not be too bad. I have a neverending supply of lemons from next door anyways it seems so I can always zest more. So now, for the final mixing with the simple syrup I found a decent jar with a lid over at wallyworld for about $6.00 and smaller ones for around $4.00 Both are wide mouth so I can do whatever easier...

Where did you get your swing top bottles from and for how much? I think I have seen them on Amazon and fleabay for about $6-$10 each... :\
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