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Hey Stilly

yes you want the lemons nice and clean and dry. sitting in moonshine for 8ish days will take care of any minor non-debris "contaminates." i actually use a knife for zesting because that way you can inspect the inside for any pith before using them. once again pith is the enemy of lemoncello. it took me several batches to get my zesting technique down so dont get frustrated on your first try - it will take time to do right.

using vodka, no matter how good, will impart a flavor into the lemoncello. not a terrible crisis if you use good vodka, but i prefer my lemoncello pure in taste. i went with the white dog because it is a higher quality than everclear. in the loosest sense of the term it can be considered a "sipping" moonshine. yes, the alcohol % is lower than the 180 but after a certain % it is all a brain game anyway and "bragging rights" imo. white dog is 62.5% alcohol or 125 proof, whichever term you prefer.

if you have a bevmo try there for white dog. kentucky eased their export laws so nicer stuff (than EC) is making its way onto the market these days.

if you decide to try the brita method i would only do maybe a half-cup and see what finished end product it delivers (4 months from now), that way if it turns out to be no bueno you have not lost all your time and effort. my brain completely understands the logic of the brita, but something in my gut really disagrees with the concept.

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