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Originally Posted by Crom View Post
If you do speak publicly, may I suggest you start your comments like so:

My name is "XYZ", I live in the city of "YOUR CITY." I speak in favor of hosting the gun show because... "AND THEN LIST YOUR REASONS."

I've dealt with many public meetings over the years and it helps people immediately understand which side of the issue you're on when you preference your statements with the "SPEAK IN FAVOR OF..." clause.

Good luck to those that attend.
Perfect. Will mirror this and add very quick comments on the safety record, all guidelines observed, fed/local presence of police, and contrast to Racetrack's safety record if their arguments are based on safety of public.

Looking forward to speaking. Also for those unsure as where the boardroom is located, it is near the fire station entrance. Look for the human resources sign and it will guide you.

See you soon!
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