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Originally Posted by bcrich View Post
Why not? Come out to a match at Angeles or west end gun club...anywhere and I guarantee you will be hooked after you get some basic dope on the gun!
Oh I know I'll love it! One day Ill get into it. Just have other things going on
Originally Posted by Coyotegunner View Post
Come on folks.Lets buy a decent gun and put some decent ammo through it.Get a decent scope and really appreciate what you spent your hard earned money on.Spend as much as you can afford on the scope,rings and mount.
I do not think anyone is going to be on here saying they know of decent steel case ammo.If a pistol at 15 yds works fine with it,Great.A rifle is being asked to go out alot further.
I hear folks more often than nought saying their rifle will not group for s**t and maybe they should buy some good ammo to try it.I try and tell them it is the gun that that is bad and sell it to me for $200.
I reload for everything,and even my least expensive rifles shoot sub 1" at 100yds.Yea that includes a Mini 14 as well.It is a sometimes quite a task to find what a rifle likes.I would rather shoot 20 rds well than 100rds not so well.
I didnt mean to open a can of worms about ammo. Like I said I know Im not going to group with the steel case. Well aware of that. I also plan on buying the match grade so that I can group.
Originally Posted by ILVSMOG View Post
SWFA 10x scope, 20moa 1-piece base with some decent rings and some Federal Gold Medal Match ammo will have you sorted out.
Thank you!
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