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Originally Posted by khw9mm View Post
What are your intentions with this rifle? Hunting? Just plinking around or long range precision? That might dictate the accessories you would want in your new 700 along with ammo selection.
This is going to be a range rifle. Not looking to get into competition shooting, just looking to shoot. Both messing around and long range.
Originally Posted by Z33 Josh View Post
I'm with dano. I've always been taught brass>steel so the extra effort (in my opinion) is worth shooting brass casings.
Although, if you shot it every now and then I can't see it doing any harm. I mean, the fact that steel cased ammo is even made says something about it's usability and I don't see any harm in shooting it every now and then.

Now as far as scopes/rails, 20 moa rails tend to be the most common and would give you a good medium considering you want to shoot somewhere between 100-1000yds.
However, you need to take into account the tube size, elevation capabilities of your scope....
So with that being said, what we really need to know is your budget for optics.
I would be willing to spend up to $600 on a good optic. Hell, thats more then I spent on the gun :P
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