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Originally Posted by dwh100 View Post
Damn.. I already got 2 CZs... now you got me adding another to my "want" list.
I've thought about the williams peeps, but my eyes aren't what they used to be like.
My eyes are not very good either but there is just something about the williams sight that lets me shoot pretty good with them. I was horrible with normal iron sights since I'm farsighted. Then again maybe I was just lucky the first time out. We'll see what I do at my next range visit.

As far as the UltraLux goes I swear its the best handling, most accurate rifle I have ever shot. Too bad we aren't located closer you could try the wiliams on your rifle. Only takes about a minute to install them.

Two CZs, which ones? I am lusting after a full stock model just for the look.

Edit: You know if you got a williams sight for one of your CZs and it didn't work out, you could sell it on in a heartbeat. They are pretty inexpensive at around $68 shipped.

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