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Originally Posted by JohnnyP View Post
The serial number is SP512427 - in case anyone can find out any further info using the serial #.
Your pictures I'm viewing are very small and hard to make out details but the only pic that seems out of placeto me is the rail pic where it appears the end of one of the rails has a lot of exposed metal. All the other stuff is common to how I received mine and one of the new M4s I was issued when I was still active duty. The dry film (sp?) magazines I've had all come from factory/package with scratches from the manufacturing process and some of the parts you pictured like the magazine release tend to have that look in the finish. The bullet button is one of this pics that I cant see quite clearly either but also looks like exposed metal. I know from putting bullet buttons in myself that you do have to adjust them a little if you over tighten/under tighten them the first time, in order to get the mag to releasing right. I never really marred the finish in the process of doing that though. Maybe yours got a little extra love during the quality control process and shows with more usage marks before leaving the factory. The excessive lube was on mine when I got it just like a lot of other new weapons I have bought.
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