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Default RIPPED OFF? USED being sold as NEW!!???


I picked up my NEW 6940 last night from a store in the greater Los Angeles area. (I dont want to say the name at this point in time in case my suspicions are invalid).

The store stated that the rifle was brand new, never been fired, used, or borrowed by anyone, etc.

I paid $1599, which is obviously full retail price, plus tax, DROS fees. The total was $1774. Fast forward until after 10 day waiting period - last night...I picked up the box containing the rifle, placed it inside my trunk and drove home.

When I got home, I opened the box (which was not sealed), and removed the rifle from the plastic, (which was already opened). The extra magazine and strap packaging was already opened, too. As a result of the discovering extensive signs of wear and tear, I suspect that the rifle is not NEW.

I took extensive photos, which I posted to this site. The site only allows 5 photos to be posted. I will be more than happy to provide the rest of the photos upon request via email, PM, or any other method.

Some of the things I discovered included:

--The lower receiver has oil all over it.

--The bullet button is extensively worn and scratched.

--There is an obvious small chunk of the rubber missing from the lower left side portion of the piccatiny rail, somewhere around T18-T20.

-There are scratches on numerous areas of the rifle, too many to list - they are detectable on the photos I posted.

--The screw on the left side of the telescoping stock appears rusted.

--The second magazine is completely and thoroughly scratched to the extent that it may not even be worthy of being sold used.

Is it possible to look up the serial number to verify whether there was a previous owner?

I realize that even if there was not a previous owner, the rifle could have been used or borrowed by employees at the store.

Perhaps there was some sort of honest mix-up with inventory?

Is it possible that the signs of wear and tear that I noticed are actually things that are to be expected when purchasing a NEW AR-15 from Colt?

What is the approximate value of a 6940 used?

Any help or advice that anyone could give would be extremely helpful and much appreciated. I am bringing the rifle back to the store tomorrow to hear what they have to say. At this point I have not yet contacted them, as I would like to get some feedback from Calguns members first. I have not fired the weapon, loaded any ammo, or even removed the magazine.
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