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Originally Posted by obpwankel View Post
Ok, guys.

I've found the problem, and it's the stock. after a good observation, and messing with the lever adjustment, i see what looks like the pivot lock(dunno the right term word for this mechanism) would not go all the way down how it should. so before it reach there, obviously the buffer tube would stop before reaching the locking-holes. spring too short/long/strong? lever? I don't know.

I have a defect stock.

I have to manually push force using both my thumbs in order to make this thing work. you guys do comprehend what im saying/problem here? I don't know if i am making any sense

just to clarify, yes, i just find out i have the mil spec. from that pic diagram it shows that the buffer extension it has 4 and the commercial has 6. well, for some odd reason mil spec has/ or has always been 6 now?

thanks, for those who are helping me.
step 1.
Run your finger over the threads...are they RAISED or are they cut into tube? Look at them close. This is the difference that tells the story, not the number of holes or the angle the back is cut at.

Look at the screw in the pin, does it have a roll pin going through it? Who made this stock kit? It is sometime possible to adjust the throw of the lever. By adding a shim under the lever, you decrease the depth of the holding pin. Some can even be screwed in to decrease the lock up detent.
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