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Originally Posted by Notblake View Post
Did tasers 30 years ago have a barrel? do current ones?
Device does not need a BARREL to be a firearm.

There was a pistol like device at the Gun Show years ago that lanched a projectile on a track. The projectile had a rocket charge in the rear and was ignited by electricity. This was intended as a leathal weapons and was quickly considered a firearm.

"LESS CHANCE" of being lethal or probably going to be leathal device is not issue but propulsion type.

Thank GODD we are not in ENGLAND where they regulate the power or {foot pounds and feet per secound} of air guns - wrist rockets - length of cooking knives.


To carry TAZER probably comes down to intendeded purpose.

Carry as a part of your job description - on your uniform belt. Security SCMOE

Carry while you jogg or bicycle in your fanny pack. Excercising LADY.

Carry conceiled under your shirt in an ally behind Hollywood Park Casino. DUMBY that will have legal problems soon or worsche.
PLEASE WEAR EYE PROTECT & PROTECTIVE GEAR IN SHOP!!!!!! You can order another part from from manufacturer, but you can't order another finger or eye from your mother & father.

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