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Originally Posted by gnehzekul View Post
so why did they create 2 kinds of buffer tubes?

From what I was told, when Colt started making the collapsing stock, they also started a lawsuit on any manufacture that tried to sell the same. That failed, but it lead to two types of tubes. I don't know if this is true, but with Colts past on lawsuits against other weapon manufacturers its a reasonable story.

FTR, just because its Mil-Spec doesn't mean anything. Mil-spec is being used as a measurement for the size of stock that will fit on it, and not how or what it was made with.

So saying a Mil-spec tube is: Stronger, better grade metal, or whatever is not quite right. You can buy a MIC (made in China), Mil-spec tube on e-bay for $10.00, or you can buy the exact same one for $45.00 thinking it was a true Mil-spec. the only way to protect yourself is to buy from a quality retailer. If you are doing that, then either size is good. A Bushmaster or Magpul Commercial Tube is just as strong, and of high grade as a Mil-spec...just not the same size diameter.

I have a CAA commercial which is lower grade metal, but is fine for what I do...I'm not going to use it as an anchor to repel down a cliff, and the stock has zero wobble, with a tight pull solid lock up.
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