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Default 44 magnum and black bear?

I have been tracking a bear around the property that I plan on taking for my tag but I was deer hunting at the time. Well I plan on going up and taking the bear, The country it is in is pretty thick and I am not to fond of taking my scoped rifles to take care of it. I have a couple rifles to choose from, a M1 garand I was thinking would do a nice job with some soft point's I load up, a Browning 92 lever action 44 magnum I have never shot it's brand new, and a AR15 those are pretty much my open sight rifles. Well Im wondering how well the 44 Magnum would work as it's what Im leaning towards right now this bear has to be a good 350 + the 44 mag holds 11 shots and is open sights and about 18-20 inches or so and handles easy.
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