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Luckily for me, someone was home today to sign for the registered letter.

As my teenage son would say, "WOOT!"

I started this endeavor on October 1st via email to Amber. My initial appointment/interview was November 18, I've attended yankeeshooter's class three times since then (gotta love the free re-training... or as Ron puts it "robbing him blind"), received my approval letter December 15th, completed LiveScan the 16th, got my clearance letter early January, signed the permit/thumbprint January 18th, and my permit arrived today (January 25th).

I need either a new (bigger) wallet or need to find out if I can scan/reduce/laminate a copy to the size of a credit card and leave the original at home in a safe place. Anyone know if a reduced copy is sufficient, if it has all the pertinent info legible? I read the entire PC 12050 and did not see anywhere it required possession of the permit while carrying. My uneducated guess would be a smaller version would provide law enforcement the necessary information to verify the validity, should the situation arise. Thoughts on this from informed minds?

My heartfelt thanks to the CalGuns Foundation for all of their efforts to bring this to fruition. My meager contributions will continue and will increase when feasible. I ask my fellow CalGunners, have YOU given up a few cups of coffee per month for the cause? I am sure every bit helps!
"Dude, have you even read the Constitution?"

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