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The only thing that worked for me was a car registration as I had just moved a few weeks prior and didn't have an updated drivers license. I own a car with my girlfriend but her name was on the registration so I had to go get my name added to it, which worked to purchase my firearm (they would not accept any tax forms, bills, letters, ect...State would but Federal would not).

Here's a cool tip: if you belong to AAA just go to your nearest AAA office and they can handle this for you (I think it costs about $10, it's been awhile so I could be off by a buck or two). No line, no cranky DMV employees and no appointment needed. Also when you do the registration thing you can add yourself to the registration with "OR" instead of "AND", this keeps options flexible with the registration in the future so you aren't both required to sign documents and such.
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