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Originally Posted by DaveFJ80 View Post
When I bought my shotgun from Turner's back in October, that particular store told me a utility bill would not work and that I would need something only from the DMV showing my proof of residency. Since I had just moved and my CADL showed an old address (and my car registration showed my previous address), I had to to DMV (AAA) and get one of those brown temp address change cards, and just hand-write my new address in there and they accepted that. In fact, they specifically asked for that before I went to get it.

Not saying they gave me wrong info and that a utility bill could've worked, but some people may not know the exact laws or stores have different policies. Just something to be aware of if you run into this.

I've talked to friends who are Green Card Holders and they've told me that dealers want last 3 consecutive months in utility bills besides DMV proof of residency.
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