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Default Bought those, tried them, moved on...

Originally Posted by madstyle1 View Post
Anyone in here has one or has experience with it? And pros and cons around this. It looks nice to have but is it worth it.

I have a galco iwb already but looking for more options. Thanks
I have two 5.11 Holster Shirts. They fit tight, which is good. But, here's the bad: the shirt sags with the concealable pistols I have in my armory. I've tried a SIG P6 9mm, a Ruger Speed Six .38SP, a compact 1911 .45ACP, and a Ruger 3.5" Birdshead Vaquero .45ACP. The shirts held my PPK/S well though. One of my buddies uses his with his Ruger LC9 and he loves it. My other buddy uses it with his S&W Model 36 and has no issues. I'm just not a fan and think there are better options available for deep concealment.

Now, I mainly use my 5.11 Holster Shirts while working out and running. They fit my house keys, ID, pocket knife, ETC, just fine while out jogging.

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