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Originally Posted by Cyc Wid It View Post
You still have to render them into roster-exempt status - you are misreading. Merely having imported them for LEO sales does not exempt them.
Gotcha. Thanks!

One other question. I think I have decided on the Kel-tec PF-9.. I spoke with one of the FFLs in the list and they can get the gun and do the SSE.

While the legality of how everything done is very clear, I don't understand the "actual" process.

So I understand that they would get the PF-9 and convert to SSE. Which means a mag-block and somehow making the gun with 6 minimum barrel length, and a minimum overall length of 10.5 when assembled.

I assume a drop in barrel is how they get the minimum required length.

So, I wait my 10 days and go to pick up my gun. As soon as I take possesion can/do I sit down right there and take out and return the long barrel and put the normal barrel in, etc.?

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