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Originally Posted by viet4lifeOC View Post
sorry to ask, but what do you mean "sponsored Orange?" Are people sponsoring other OCers to apply for the CCW permit?
People are sponsoring their counties for pending legal action. In this case, the goal is the issuing counties compliance with the law, and just issuance. The Peruta decision hurt us, but the fight presses forward. Many people have signed up as stand by volunteers. As volunteers we are basically on stand by, waiting for the GO word to apply in mass. I encourage you to donate to the cause as well as sign up as a volunteer. Both can be done through the Calguns Foundation website.

Originally Posted by cntrolsguy View Post
I have a question since I would really like to get a ccw, back in 1991 when I was 18 I was arrested and convicted on 2 misdemeanor counts.
1: Carrying a concealed weapon.
2: Carrying a loaded weapon in public.

I was sentenced to 20 days with no probation after time served and have not been in trouble with the law other than a few speeding tickets in the last 20 years. Would this prevent me from getting a CCW?
I'm not sure if you are a prohibited person. It really depends on exactly what you were charged with. A good description of prohibiting convictions can be found at Page 16 begins prohibitions. There is also a ton of general information at
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