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Originally Posted by Diamondi88 View Post
There is a 23% chance that any judge picked will have served on Peruta. The % increases from there for every subsequent judge drawn. So, 6 out of 11 does not strike me as extreme. ( This all assumes I have done my math correctly)
While that increases, the percentage chance of all those same judges being on the panel should be decreasing in inverse proportion. So the closer you get to the exact same panel (or even just the same group judges that overturned the previous ruling), the more improbable the odds of picking that exact group is.

If that pattern occurs more than once for gun related cases and does not recur with similar frequency than all other types of cases then there is likely something weird going on.

This is why there should be an investigation into why so many gun cases go en banc while cases of other natures/origins don't suffer the same re-hearing fate with similar frequency. There's more than enough possibility of collusion there to warrant greater scrutiny.
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