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Originally Posted by Asher L View Post
That seems like a bad loophole. In theory, couldn't some anti could pledge a big donation, make everyone complacent, and then pull it at the last minute?

EDIT: I guess it actually makes sense, since otherwise Kickstarter projects could be pushed past the goal by a fake donation.
A fake donor still would be committed to paying that amount if it reaches its goal, so I'm not sure it makes sense. I would opt for a one-way traffic spike type system, where you agree to commit to the highest level you've pledged, and you can't go back. This would minimize fraudulent/fake donors, and you make people commit at the time they make the selection (as they should be). If someone's not ready to make that commitment, perhaps they should just hold off until they can. I understand circumstances can change during the duration of the pledge drive, so exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. At the very least, human review of those cases could minimize the possibility of malicious gaming of the system.
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