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Originally Posted by socalmikey View Post
I have the 18.5"'s awesome...I can shoot 300 +\- yards and hit bullseye triple tap...did it twice...I put a Leupold mark ar 3-9x40 mil-Dot...(I don't shoot sitting or standing! I get on the ground ... Lay on my tummy and focus on my breathing, check my mil-dot twice n pull!

My MVP has only been out 3 what Cadre doesn't like pmags...I have to disagree...never had a problem with my Pmags using either .223/5.56 NATO (got 5 different pmags for'em) issues, yet! (Maybe, becoz I have an 18.5"?)

I wish I could take it out, but too many side activities going on for the holidays!
Do you have personal Knowledge of what works in his gun? Have you shot it? Have you tried putting pmags in his gun? If not you can't disagree, but they might work in your gun just fine
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