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Originally Posted by Matt1984 View Post
If you bothered to read what I posted you clearly would noticed I addressed that point.....that's if you did read it before you started assuming.
Lets examine the facts:


Originally Posted by Palmetto State Armory View Post
The item he ordered is different than the one that was on sale. It's like refunding someone for buying Tide because the generic brand detergent is on sale.

Originally Posted by Matt1984 View Post
That's bull! I ordered something from and the item went on sale the next day. The company refunded the difference no questions asked. I wouldn't pawn your company's ethics on the rest of the industry regardless if the OP is wrong. Don't lose customers over a thread.
So, no you didn't even mention it. You had the SAME ITEM go on sale. Read your own posts.

You managing to get what you wanted on the same object you ordered is a completely different situation trhan the OP's pissing and moaning.
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Dude went full CNN...
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