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Angry VERY Interesting LEO Billboard in San Jose!

I also posted this to 2A, and think it might be of interest here...

So I'm driving back home from visiting some friends in San Jose (SJ), and on my way back home (at approx. 20:45 on 04/06/2011), I noticed a billboard that had a photo of a SJPD Officer, and an individual either in the background, or standing (or maybe he was sitting) next to the Officer. The sign was facing Northbound traffic on I-880 just before (or maybe just after) Brokaw Ave in SJ (where there are a series of other billboards in the area on both sides of the freeway). I didn't have a chance to be able to view the sign in detail, so keep in mind that some of my description might be way off.

There was a message in the advertisement that stated somewhat to the effect that "WHO'S GOING TO PROTECT YOU" or "SAVE YOU"... Then the next message describes a situation of Police Personnel layoffs that are possibly to come. It was (IMHO) something placed there to incite fear in the public, and maybe get everyone to maybe call someone they're supposed to call or write to, asking them not to lay-off Police. It might be a desperate attempt to get more people to think that they have to depend on the PD to "protect them".

This was not even more than 14 hours ago, and I made the promise that I was going to go back and take a pic, and post it right here.

This morning (around 1/2 hour ago), I throw on my blue Calguns Polo, I go back, "armed" with my camera, and ready to "point & shoot", and guess what...

Of course, the sign has been taken down...

Questions I have regarding this is "who paid for the signs", maybe the Police Association, or the Union for the Police Officers?

This is something that I would consider as a reason WHY CCWSI should be more fast-tracked, and this is also something that the State Legislatures should be bombarded with (in a cordial manner). We know there will be PD lay-offs, but they are inciting fear in the public by telling everyone something that is COMPLETELY UNTRUE, and that is... Police might, or will protect individuals; See Warren v. District of Columbia (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981).

I thought that everyone here, especially in the Santa Clara CCW forum might be interested in seeing the sign.

CGF: Can we ask folks to look for these types of signs, and maybe take pictures, and then post them here?

Of course, I'm kicking myself 7 ways from Sunday for not immediately stopping and at the very least, taking a pic with my cellphone camera, and I didn't think to turn around, but I was also running very low on gas at the time. I figure that since it was late at night... I like taking my pics during the day, but still, I'm kicking myself now.

Anyone in the Bay Area see a sign like this? It might not be a bad idea to start a photo-op campaign, that is if CGF thinks it's a good idea.

I'm posting this to the Santa Clara forum, but if the Mods think it doesn't belong here or there, I will respect that decision... And I ask that there be no LEO/A bashing.

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