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Originally Posted by tabrisnet View Post
Shouldn't it be easier to track the sales records to any houses, bought by her, rather than trying to determine the seller?
This would be easier if her last name wasn't "Smith". As far as I can tell, there are 85 properties in CA today owned by someone named "Laurie Smith". 2 of them are owned by Laurie R. Smith, which is how she's listed on the Santa Clara County Sheriff's webpage. Neither property is in/near Marin. There's a property in Tiburon owned by a Laurie A. Smith but it's co-owned with another person (probably a spouse) whose name is different from the co-owner of the two Laurie R. Smith properties.

I can see that much for free without spending money. I can get copies of the actual deeds for the transfers but that costs money, and I don't really want to start spending a lot of cash chasing vague friend-of-a-friend stories.

Also, it's trivial to buy a house in the name of a trust or another entity that's not apparently related, that won't show up in an easy public records search - so the fact that one can't find a Laurie R. Smith deed isn't dispositive. To really run this down, it'd be really helpful to have more specifics about the other side of the transaction, particularly where both sides of the transaction (billionaire + sheriff) have the means and motive to take at least basic steps to obscure their ownership in the property.
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