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Gooooottttccchhhaaa ok thats something to think about. What about just a giant sheet of sheet metal, painted rustoleum white then clear coated

and we just use vinyl lettering to do something simple like:



Originally Posted by gtturborex View Post
I was thinking something quite large and re-useable. Maybe like a metal sign like a road sign. We would just need to be able to change the dates.

As for the fliers any standard size should be fine. Maybe 2 per page or something along those lines. We probably won't need too many of them around here. Just at our local FFL shop.

Marborg has been a huge sponsor for us so we need to recognize this. I am still working on the other potential sponsor that would probably be a one time thing. I really want to get this setup but I haven't got a returned call from Larry yet.
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