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We've tried 00 buck, and 22mag, and those were safely trapped by the backstop, without bounce-backs, so they're alright.

As far as we can tell, the energy in a shotgun slug when it 'splats' on the plates of the backstop is just enough.....just put a slight dent in the plate. That seems to vary with different makes of slug rounds. They aren't a safety hazard to range users, tho. The prohibition of slug rounds is just cos some varieties will leave little dents in the plates.

We can provide 12ga birdshot, if you'd like.

I've never seen any bounce-backs with 22 mag, and the energy level is low enough that it can't possibly damage the steel. (compare the impact energy at 50 feet range of a 22 mag to that of a 45 long Colt.....the 45LC rounds won't damage the steel. For that matter, 45ACP hardball won't damage the steel, but the projectile retains its mass and approximate shape after impact, so it can do bounce-backs, which is why we forbid its use.)


We'll miss you and your sister..........hopefully, we'll see you for the January event....... : )



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