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Hi, Rogue,

I sent a PM with the info on the little Winchester bolt rifle.....

Again, a well-deserved 'THANK YOU' for your good work in helping with the new shooters, and especially for providing the use of your truly excellently set-up M29.

The 'special' rounds are my 'ultra-light' range load for the 44mag, a 240gr lead SWC with 6.5gr. of Unique. This is one which was given in one of the load-books as a 'minimum' load. As you can see, its accurate at the 50ft. indoor range, and the noise/recoil is no more than that of a 38spl.

Personally, I think it a very good load for practice, in that it does the least 'wear and tear' to both the revolver and the user.

I'd like to especially thank Than Hendricks, the President of the SCVRC, our local Rifle Club, and Eddie Jaworski, a Club member with good 'instructor' experience, for help with the new shooters.

Last night's event, tho we didn't have as many attendees as some previous events, went exceptionally well, in that, with Than, Eddie, Emilio, Rogue, Gio, and Giles present as instructor personnel, we were able to give each of the newbies really good personalised instruction with a wide variety of weapons, and enough time for good basic familiarisation fire with them.

This level of high quality instruction and familiarisation fire for new trainees is exactly what I'd been hoping for when we started holding these events......I am very pleased with the way this last event ran, and hope we can continue like this.

(all we need is more 'newbies'......would anyone care to make up some sort of advertising 'flier' which could be put up on bulletin boards or posted in places where a '2nd Amendment demographic' of people might see them, and bring us more 'newbies'?)

I'd also like to say 'THANK YOU' to those who brought pizza and pastries, and those who donated some more 22 rounds. Hopefully, we can continue with pizza, pastries, and whatever people might like to bring as 'pot-luck' munchies, through the winter months, until the weather turns nice, next spring, when we can again do BBQ outside.


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