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I'd have to go back through the sign-in sheets to get more than a roughly approximate number of the first-time shooters, young people, and Junior ROTC people who have participated in the second Saturday events, but it is a surprisingly large number.

If you'd care to donate some 22 rounds, I'd be grateful, and would have no problem with marking or tagging the boxes to positively ensure that only 'newbies' were issued those rounds.

Actually, we've had a number of experienced shooters attend these events, and, once they've demonstrated a reasonable competence/experience level, I've been quite appreciative of them 'pairing up' with newbies, to provide 'one on one' coaching, which I can't do whilst having to watch the entire line.

These shooters do bring quite a variety of rifles and handguns, and bring their own ammunition, quite a bit of which they've shared with the newbies, when providing the use of 9MM and 45 handguns for 'familiarisation fire' after the newbies have gone through basic safety/proficiency orientation with the 22's.

In short, any amount of 22 you'd care to donate would be reserved for the trainees, and not just burned for amusement by the experienced shooters.

How about attending the next second Saturday event, to see the event for yourself?

Its certainly true enough that, later in the evening, the experienced shooters get to do a good bit of plinking themselves, often trying one another's weapons and sharing their own......after all, the events are intended to provide an enjoyable range experience for every participant, not only training for the newbies.


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