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Hi, Rogue,

Sorry about not checking this 'thread' and seeing your message until now.....

This last 2nd Saturday event was a 'washout'.....only nine or ten people attended.....Howard brought some 22 for us, but we didn't have very many newbies, so its saved for next time.

Dean brought his cute old 410, and we had a good time plinking with it. A good bit of 9MM and 45 went down-range, as well.

Dean and Sue brought some tri-tip roast as a nice treat.....a nice addition to the usual hamburgers..... : )

We didn't even do the pie shoot.....Elaine had gotten a pumpkin pie, which didn't attract most of the folks, so we just split up the pie with the only people there who did like time we'll get a more popular variety of pie.

We will keep the event running, even if it slows to a small 'fun shoot' for a few people during the winter months......barbecuing may not be too practical when its dark and cold outside, so maybe someone will bring pizza or potluck dishes.

We really should make up some sort of advertising flyer, which we could ask people who have stores which attract a NRA demographic to display near the cash register. This might attract more newbies, and we really need to get the newbies to keep the Rifle Club membership happy with the 'newbie shoot' concept.

I do hope you can make it to the next 2nd Saturday....lets keep it going..... : )


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