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Default Glass Factory Clean-up For Oct. 1st.

I have the Rangers onboard w/ a good chance of a Fire Crew to help. Marborg, as usual, will be there with as many dumpsters as we need and a portable potty.

I hope we have a good show of hands to help out for it is a short notice.

Also, there is a great ebb tide swelling in the direction of closing down the Glass Factory "Permanently" due to the yahoo crowd and a certain Santa Barbara Club whom uses the road for it's WHEELED EVENTS and is worried about STRAYS reaching over the berms and tagging a cranium.

It's a bad scene... In this case... the few will ruin it for the many... and it will be over... forever. I'm a small guy, but have no problem walking up to a group and talking things out. It isn't always well received, but at least I put forward an effort. I realize this type of action is tenuous at best and I want no one risking themselves or loved ones in trying to self-police.

I'm just saying'...

I hope the range stays open. Let me see a sign of hands of those who can help-out. I'll bring some tools, waters and try for hot-dogs.



P.S. - private message me so I'll get pinged on my phone.

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