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Originally Posted by tacticalcity View Post
Thank you! Now I get it! That was the missing piece of the puzzle. Boy do I feel silly, but that is nothing new.

Now, where can I get an "off list pistol only lower"?

I do not have my FFL so am I going to have to have it all shipped to somebody who does and have them assemble it for me before they can DROS it to me?
mega makes a pistol only lower. you will have to find someone in ca that carries them (mega dealer). you will then have to find them a bob sled (if they don't already have one). then you need to bring an upper (any upper), an lpk with maglock (BB, B15, P50) and buffer tube ASSEMBLY (SANS STOCK) and assemble the gun at the store before dros. then dros it as a (single shot) pistol. then come back ten days later and pick it up and thank them for being so accomodating.

there are other ways to get an ar pistol. this is only one way and probably the way to go if you want a mega pistol only marked lower.

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