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Will a normal pistol length upper pass the drop test with a bobsled magazine fixed in place with a maglock?

I got the impression that in order to pass the drop test you had to modify the upper in some way (not sure how) so that it is no longer gas operated and will no longer cycle rounds on its own.

Legal definition is not what I am concerned about. I am concerned about when they physically drop it from whatever height they drop it from to test it will it go "click".

From what little I've been able to grasp from the earlier posts, the only reason they even reference them as single shot is in order to pass the drop test. Of course, I don't totally get how the drop test works or how having a gas operated upper verse one that no longer cycles rounds automatically would effect the results. So I'm pretty much just a ball of confusion at this point.

I hope I am totally wrong and all I need is a bobsled magazine, maglock, pistol only off list lower, and a normal pistol length rifle kit.

Also, where is a good place to pickup a Pistol Only Off List Lower? I did not see them on or on, which are my usual sources for lowers (figured they would appriciate a plug anyways).

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