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Originally Posted by AwfAxis View Post
I was born and raised in California, but after 51 years, escaped to Nevada. I've since started competing in USPSA, IDPA, AP and Steel matches.

I am going to take a RO class in Ridgecrest next month, and in the future, may attend some NorCal competitions.

However, I use a Limited rig which includes all 20 rnd mags. As a non-resident coming in to CA for a day or two, am I in violation bringing in my equipment? Is this "Importing"?


Yes it is. I'm pretty sure the NorCal competitions are used to working with only 10 round mags by now. You might want to check and see if they don't actually prevent you from using your regular mags because it gives you an edge. Hopefully they have FAQs that address this issue very clearly.