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Originally Posted by tal3nt View Post
Perhaps what I'm trying to explain didn't translate well in writing. But remember my friend, it was simply a theory of mine; I wasn't trying to contribute to a scholarly journal.. Just wanted to add 2 cents that I haven't heard before since there obviously isn't a set-in-stone answer as to why Glocks bttf. I agree that I got a bit insulting and I apologize. I personally get quite offended when someone calls me a young new shooter that doesn't even know basic fundementals as if this person knows who I am. I will take it with a grain of salt next time

The way you explained things earlier makes you sound like a new shooter... You typed out that response, I didn't just make up my theory from no where.

And this is way off-topic so I'm not responding to your posts that are not in relation to Glock's extraction.
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