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Was about to read my Glamour & InStyle mags but decided to browse some posts here instead...

I've been at pretty much every gun show in the Bay Area over the past two years with my husband. We sell parts & accessories for the AR-15 platform. I think I've heard almost every stereotype and misconception about women and guns. Since this is our business, I can't take things personally or get offended - my end goal is for the person on the other side of the counter to buy something. But trust me, some stupid stuff has been said. And although there are some women who know exactly what they want (gimme 10 pmag rebuilt kits!) there are many women who are at the shows because of their husbands/boyfriends. They are sometimes a bit timid, and sometimes quiet. A smile from me and some gentle encouragement and non-intimidating conversation go along way. Now with our store open, I have a little more time to chat with the women who come in. Intimidated by the tricked out AR hanging on the wall? Its OK. Try this 22 instead. Now there are some who may think this is a dumbed down approach. The first time I showed my mom an AR she was scared just looking at it. Now she's saying she's ready to buy her own handgun. My little sister was scared the first time she fired a pistol at the range with us. Now I cannot get her to stop bugging me about when we're going shooting again. Baby steps.

Not everyone is as into fashion as I am. Or diamonds. Or guns. But you want to go to the mall, the Jewelry Center, the range? Let's go! I myself don't fit into a neat little box. A lot of people don't. Differences are OK with me. Women have many different perspectives on guns... love em, hate em, enthusiast, a mild crush, obsessed - it runs the gamut. For me personally, Tunis would NEVER buy me a gun without my input But that's just me. Wearer of camo + sequins. Thanks DKNY for the great illustration that those two things can combine beautifully. On that note, back to fashion. Come see me at our shop, Metal Dog Tactical.
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