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Originally Posted by 8bitnintendo View Post
Well, I think what Sajedene is trying to... re illiterate... is that sometimes people are just trying to buy a tool, and not a lifestyle. I like guns; I am a gun enthusiast. But when I go hammer shopping, I don't spend a lot of time hunting for the ideal hammer. I don't go to hammer trade shows. If hammers are expensive, I do a basic trade study on the features I want vs cost. Sometimes, I ask friends. If I don't know many people who know a lot about hammers, maybe I will ask people on a forum... Such as the "Cal Hammers Forum". Lol.

I agree with you to some extent that having fifty threads about buying a gun for someone do get old... but I disagree that people who are tentative, in the sense that they don't already know everything or think they know everything, should be kicked out for being insufficiently "hard core". Just because people are looking for advice doesn't mean they're bimbos afraid of breaking a nail. I'll shop around for some good external posts about women and firearms (there is one blog in particular I remember having lots of advice on firearms and selecting carry holsters that fit better on female shapes and things like that) - that way when people post this in the future I can post something helpful (I'm kind of lazy, so I hadn't really bothered so far.)

And I am in full support of your sticky idea. We should include a list of great classes for women too.

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