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Default CCW and police.

Some states do link CCW permits to Driver's licenses, but since our CCW permits are handled on a county/city level, we probably aren't there yet.

Now if I get pulled over, my prime focus is to AVOID an traffic ticket, I have better things to spend my money on.

While they don't have CCW permits on a statewide data base, I believe they may have you tagged if you have registered AWs.

While I don't have much interaction with the police, the few times I have had some interaction have been drama-free.

Be polite and nice, don't be a jerk. I would definitely inform a police officer.

From my perspective, a large percentage of police officers get killed during routine traffic stops, so to a certain extent, they are already on edge.

From that perspective, not informing them could inadvertently give me a case of lead poisoning.

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