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Originally Posted by POLICESTATE View Post
The two main problems with our country today:

#1 The transformation of the Democratic Party over the last several decades into a Leftist-controlled organization that promotes and imposes Leftist ideology and practices underpinned by a deep hatred for America

#2 The weak leadership of the GOP that fails to recognize the threat from The Left and has proven incapable of adapting to meet the challenges of the last few decades.

The solutions are:

#1 Get rid of the weak GOP representatives and replace them with modern thinkers and leaders who recognize the Leftist threat and is able to counter it by fighting fire with fire.

#2 Investigate, charge, and secure convictions against democrats both in and outside of government who have been involved in corruption. The evidence is there, it just needs to be looked at and acted upon.
There is only one party.studies show the dems would have voted for the tax plan if it had been presented by a dem. It's about power.

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