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Originally Posted by rootuser View Post
Term limits on representatives (House or Senate) are a state by state decision IMHO. Who am I to decide if Arizona wants to keep sending McCain back to office again and again?

Term limits on the president were honored by men of honor following George Washington's self imposed restriction and one that had been debated during the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

Unfortunately, Grant, Theodore Roosevelt (Kinda sorta) and especially FDR decided the unwritten rule didn't apply to them (or America just "needed" them too much) and we ended up with the 22nd amendment proposed by a honorable Republican congress.

The states signed on by 1951 and here we are.

Evil and those who would drain freedom from our veins knows no party lines. Term limits are a must in some situations IMHO. Career politicians have destroyed pieces of this country and are freedom vampires regardless of D or an R in front of their name.

P.S. I love the fixed election comment. Review our Republic and our implementation of Democracy and you'll realize no one has fixed a presidential election in reality (including the most recent allegations against our sitting president)
Taking your PS 1st, I think a fair appraisal of Lois Lerner and friends fixing the election for Obama by targeting wealthy republicans and get out the vote groups can be made.
In fact I personally had concerns about IRS retribution for my piddley contributions via credit cards.

It's an unfortunate fact that term limits in California has facilitated the destruction of our liberties and continuity of basic services.
#1 we lost excellent statesmen politicians who went in the save our liberties . Don Rogers and Dick mount joy come to mind. Those 2 and other republicans knew the system well enough to poisen and torpedo most of the democrats plans
With term limits we get amateurs who are not familiar with the ways to stop demcrats.
Further those now elected do not want to rock the boat with media and their swamp dwellers college teachers admin etc.

Probably the worst aspect of term limits is the idea Big city calfiornias understand issues .
Regardless we all have the right to be wrong and term limits has been a disaster for calfornians

Back to topic,isn't it wonderful that we are fighting for National CCW, hearing protection and other PROGUN measures that have the democrats fighting to stop PROGUN LEGISLATION instead of us fighting their UN gun grabs and STUPID gun restrictions !
Will anyone give me a ^5 ?
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