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Originally Posted by HK Dave View Post
The thing is... that can be said about almost everything you probably own.... including your Zeiss scope.

What may seem crazy to you, doesn't mean it is.

I think people that dump $30K into their $20K japanese car are DAFT, but to them, it's not crazy at all. :P
oh damn - you got me pegged (but it was the other way around)... guns, cars, tattoos & guitars... I need to find cheaper interests (knitting is cheap right? )

*ETA: regarding the better equipment, better performance debate... I'd have to agree that (in my experience, with interests listed above), better equipment does improve performance... having that been said, getting good with chitty equipment, makes you that much better when you use good stuff (opinion based on real world experience in racing cars, playing guitar and shooting).
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Music is magic - Wisdom is golden - Learning to navigate life better as we age is amazing and a choice.
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OK now we are called US Americans...because nobody matters but US
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I know some things about a lot of things - and a lot of things about some things - but I don't know everything about anything
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