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Originally Posted by Yehosha View Post
Their overall rating is great, it's the people that get stuck with the defects and give them 1 star that messes it up, and understandably so. From this quote, "However we also have a few of the defect 29502D boots. By ordering you acknowledge that you may receive either version.", it sounds like you get no refund if you get a defective pair.

Many reviews spoke of them being very hard to put on. Is that true or is that operator error? Also how do the sizes run for you? Some reviews said they run small, others say they run big, so it's hard to figure out what size to get.
I ordered a pair and I liked them so much, I ordered 3 more to shove in the back of the closet for a rainy day. All of my pairs were the first rate model (29502A). I have pretty wide feet and have to problem with the tongue putting them on as long as you loosen the laces enough. The stock laces were a bit short to fully loosen them to take on/off so I swapped out the laces with my other pair of Oakley boots which had laces that were way too long. Now everything works great! For $30, I highly recommend them.

If anybody is in the Costa Mesa area and wants to look at them, let me know.

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