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the statistics always play in our favor. the problem is trying to get the emotionally driven populous to look at the numbers. for the people that are worried about children safety we have to show them that having armed police, or security(even if private) is the way. i think in their minds they believe that banning guns is tantamount to uninventing the gun. we have to hammer the fact that gun bans have never worked and are usually followed by tyranny and some sort of genocide. followed by the fact that gun bans will not put a cease to gun crime. it just means that we are at the mercy of the armed criminal.

another quick note is i believe there is a decent portion of the population fears ever having to defend themselves in any fashion. it doesn't matter if it is fisticuffs, knives, guns, etc. the thought of having to stand up and fight for themselves is terrifying.

my concern is that this portion of the populous is so petrified that it drives their want for everyone to be disarmed. the question is how big is this group, and how influential can they be on the people that are on the fence?
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