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Originally Posted by SuperSet View Post
Weekly update, fellas -

What a response! We are down to the last few open spots so like last time, I anticipate this filling up soon!
Many thanks to all of you who've already signed up for the class. If this is your first class with him, I think you'll find it worthwhile to see, understand and experience the inefficiencies that are keeping you from achieving your maximum potential as a shooter. I can assure you that you'll be in for an focused, intense and simultaneously personal training day.

Also, for those of you on Facebook, be sure to check Frank's page that he updates regularly on scheduling and other WOTG-related activities. Among those, you can see the prototype Proctor Carbine that he's developing with Troy Industries. He shot this same carbine this weekend at the TigerSwan 2-gun challenge, which he won!

And as always, you can see more pics and videos from his courses on my YouTube channel and FB page.
Have a great week fellas!
I know you have enough footage for another eet!
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