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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
CA defines pistol as any firearm with a <16" barrel. And if it is a CA pistol, then it must comply with the CA pistol AW rules, and that means no detachable mag for you.
I was under the impression that the AOW status means it can not be defined as a pistol or a rifle regardless of the barrel length as long as it doesn't have a stock. Why does this work for a shotgun and not a centerfire?

I think pistol is also defined as "can be concealed.....blah blah." Don't see many people trying to jam a krink down their pants and conceal it.

Edit: I got the "handgun" and "pistol" deffinitions mixed up in my last sentence. You are correct about the 16" length. I'm still curious about the AOW status though not making the firearm a pistol.

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