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Contact Jacques about coordinating an Appleseed shoot. There are lots of details there to comb through. But the infrastructure already exists which is a huge advantage. He and I spoke on this briefly and is eager to help.

w/r/t the hunting trips. I think that's a great idea, but falls more into the informal unofficial event pile. My first impression is that anything more than that *at this point* will be a nightmare for the current leadership team to organize. I think it best to have individual community members offer open spots on their own hunting trips if available.

But don't get me wrong, if anybody here wants to take on the investment in time and mental bandwidth to start the efforts toward formalizing and then dedicating the time to facilitate these as ongoing 'Calguns Community' events....i'm very open to that offer and I will support your management of that project so that it falls inline with our overall agenda.

Send me a PM....
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