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The original STG was not a true 8mm Mauser. That is a full power rifle round, the Germans could the round down making the first intermediate cartridge, the 8mm Kurtz.

I would assume a .22LR rifle is a lot less of a headache (and probably cheaper) overall to produce (in Europe), to sell (worldwide), and import into the US. .22LR is an extremely common round and cheap to shoot, it is a round anyone of any age could really shot. Any store that sells ammo sells .22LR. The 8mm Kurtz is not common at all, and few other rifles if any shoot it. That would be like making a new rifle in .303 Brit or 30-40 Krag. Ya you can do it, but why use a practically dead round?

There was a company that made 5.56mm STGs. Those were cool, but too pricey. There was a company making an FG42, I think in 308. BA, but still too pricey.
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